My Vision for 2009 as Ghana GRAPA chair

19 03 2009

As GRAPA chairperson for Ghana, I wanted to share just a bit about my vision for 2009. For 2008, we had accomplished several things for GRAPA and the Revenue Assurance Professionals. Ratification of the GRAPA standards as well as conducting several Town Hall meetings discussing these standards was significant. These accomplishments were not without difficulty. We found significant issues with the technologies supporting the webinar system we used.

That being said, the challenge and vision for 2009 is to strengthen our membership, growing in number as well as becoming more active. The only way to learn from each other is to share ideas and communicate — to become more involved in what is happening.

It would be my desire to see each of us communicate more with each other during the coming year. One of the ways to accomplish this is through writing……blogs such as this are a great tool! I encourage you to share ideas and issues of concern to you through this method.

Another way to improve our networking with one another is through group forums, such as the group which GRAPA has established on Linkedin. You can join this group, the Global Revenue Assurance Professional Association (GRAPA) at
I encourage you to participate, and share your ideas with other Revenue Assurance professionals in Ghana and around the world.


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26 02 2009

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